The 2023 NoCo PDC

The 2023 NoCo PDC Poster, design & art by Brooke Fetissoff

Lear the skills to create ecological & social resilience!

This is a 2-part course taking place July 24-29 and August 14-19. Our course location will vary throughout the Front Range, with diverse sites to showcase the many applications of permaculture on different scales.

Permaculture is rooted in Indigenous practices, and it is important to acknowledge and credit these communities for their knowledge and expertise. Indigenous communities across the world have practiced sustainable and regenerative land management for thousands of years, and permaculture draws heavily on this traditional ecological knowledge. By giving credit to these communities and acknowledging their contributions to the development of permaculture, we can work toward creating a more equitable and inclusive permaculture movement.

In this deep dive into regenerative design, grounded in permaculture ethics and principles, you will learn an abundance of Earth care techniques. From managing water, building healthy soil, designing and planting food forests, integrating livestock, to natural building and social permaculture, this course covers many important topics. We will also cover topics like ecological design methodologies, growing food in small spaces, alternative economics, community building and appropriate technologies, and much more.

During this course, you will have the opportunity to complete a group design project and can expect to spend time outside of class working on it. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of permaculture and its applications across different settings, from urban to rural areas, and a range of climes.

The cost for this course will be $1600 until June 1st, which will increase to $1750 with a deadline of July 15th.

This course is being hosted by the Northern Colorado Permaculture Guild with the support of Boulder Permaculture. We are incredibly grateful to them for hosting registration and providing such an incredible diverse teaching background for the NoCo PDC. The Guild will be participating by helping plan events, cook food, find locations, locate experts, and promote this fantastic opportunity to learn about permaculture!

Go here to register and start receiving updates from course instructors.